Blue Jeans Travel

This is the School Groups component of DJ Tours and Safaris. Any school that wishes to travel from South Africa to any destination in the world, can e-mail me on I also accommodate schools from outside South Africa that come and tour in South Africa. There are local/domestic tour options as well for South African schools. See “Blue Jeans Travel” on this website for examples of recent tours. During my tours with school groups, I have traveled to almost 30 countries in the world.

Freelance Tour Guide – Cape Town and Surrounds

I am a registered and accredited Tour Guide. So please feel free to contact me for any one of my standard Day Tours in and around the Cape Town region and surrounds. I can, of course, do any form of “tailor-made” Day Tours, which could include Robben Island, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch and more.

Inbound Tour Operator

I am an accredited Tour Operating Business (PTY) LTD, registered on the South African Companies Register.

I can arrange any type of tour, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Group sizes can be small (a couple), medium (4 – 12 people) and the large (13 or more people). I prefer to work with smaller groups of 8 – 20. This makes the tour more personal and you have all the advantages of being a semi-exclusive group. I believe this will make your visit ever so much more enjoyable. I obviously cater for large groups as well!

So, what I offer is an all-inclusive package. You just do your return international flights and I do the rest, including domestic flights.

The question often is asked, “will it not be cheaper to do all the arrangements myself online?”

The advantages of working through a Tour Operator are the following:

Because I have STO Rates with all the Major Hotel Groups (Legacy, Legend, Sun International, African Sky, Forever Resorts, ATKV and many other of the smaller Groups) as well as with the Transport Companies (My preferred Company here is Springbok Atlas), I will get as much as 45% discounted rates (STO Rates) as what you would pay if you book online. So-called Rack or BAR (Best Available Rates) Rates. This is where I make my mark up. Thus, it is a win-win for all three parties concerned (Yourself, myself and the Hotels and Transport Companies).

Sometimes (and I have experienced this a few times) places of accommodation are not as what they appear like on the web. Because I regularly use certain Hotels, I know that they are up to standard. Whether it be 3 or 5* Hotels/Guest Houses.

When booking through me, I take the stress away from you having to drive in circumstances that you may unfamiliar/uncomfortable with. Driving on the side of the road you are not used to, not knowing which are the best routes to follow (Google Maps sometimes can be misleading), what are peak hours traffic, etc. I also know the timing in terms of how far you should/could do in a day. The last thing you need is to be stressed over these issues.

So now you can sit back and relax and let me take care of all of that. All Transport that I use, comes with Full Insurance and Personal Liability Cover.

At the end of the day, because of my major discounts as Tour Operator with the Hotels and Transport Companies, I will probably do the Tour for the same price or even marginally cheaper. Then you know that all will run smoothly and you do not have the stress of worrying if all that you paid for is as it seems and that you are in the hands of an experienced Tour Operator that will ensure that your stay is exciting, memorable and relaxing.

In all cases my Tours are Exclusive Personalized Tours, whether you are an individual, a couple, a small group or medium to large group.

This at the end of the day is your decision.

I also do Tours to The Kruger National Park (one of my favourite places in the world!), Namibia (My Country of Birth) as well as to The Victoria Falls. I also do Game Viewing and Tiger Fishing Tours to Zimbabwe, as well as Golf Tours in South Africa. See these Tours on the website.

My pledge is to make sure that you get the best value tour; not only in terms of money but that you experience a true South African Experience! I know that you will not be disappointed if you choose to use “DJ Tours & Safaris”.

Looking forward to meeting you in South Africa!